The environment

The Kros makes a substantial contribution to corporate social responsibility efforts.


Using the Kros will, for example, save large quantities of valuable (and in many countries scarce) drinking water.


A regular flush toilet uses about 7,500 litres of clean drinking water to flush 1500 urinations. The Kros only needs 20 litres to flush the same quantity of urine!


That makes for a 1600% water waste reduction, thanks to the Kros.


This is a particularly important saving in developing countries where drinking water is relatively even more valuable.


The Kros excels because of its user-friendliness. This is also reflected in the fact that it is very easy to clean, often only requiring hot water. Chemical cleaning agents are not needed, thanks to the clever stench traps.


Apart from that, the Kros is made of partially recycled materials, and is extremely wear-resistant, which ensures a longer lifespan when compared to regular (chemical) toilet cabins. And to top it all off, when the Kros reaches the end of that long lifespan, it is 100% recyclable. All of this adds up to the unparalleled durability of this product.


 And finally, Patent7000 BV is closely involved in recycling efforts converting urine into fertilizer, which will yield even more environmental benefits.