As stated earlier, the Kros is indispensable at:
rock concerts, festivals, sporting events, campsites, places of entertainment, fun fairs, open days, parties, markets, village fairs, car parks, petrol stations, picnic sites, parks, shopping centres, historic town centres, marinas, etc...


The Kros offers an alternative to urinating in public; it helps tackle street fouling problems, because people would otherwise relieve themselves in a dark alley or against a tucked-away nook of a monumental building.


By deploying the Kros in toilet cabins, a festival organiser will provide sufficient sanitary facilities and consequently eradicate queuing for the toilet, or at least keep it to a minimum. A big advantage of the Kros is that it is very easy to tell whether it is occupied or not. And the organiser will make better use of the space available, as a Kros offers 4 toilets instead of 1. The space that is saved can be used for bars or stalls that generate revenue.


By placing the Kros along the fencing of the festival site, festival-goers will not be able to complain about hard to find toilets and have no excuse to relieve themselves against the site’s fences.


Local councils or governments can opt to use the Kros in urban areas and be seen to actively tackle street fouling problems. The Kros also offers the flexibility of placement virtually everywhere and, if needed, can also be placed temporarily. This requires less investment than the installation of permanent sanitary facilities.


Individual customers can also take advantage of the Kros’ qualities when organising a small-scale party or barbecue. They can hire the Kros for the time they need it and consequently limit the use of the toilet in their home.



Delivery / Unloading


The Kros is very easy to transport. Sanitary facility rental firms across the world are quick to praise the Kros for its solid design, making it very easy to work with. The Kros’s solidity adds to the ease with which the load can be secured to a flatbed or other types of lorries. This is contrary to regular (chemical) toilet cabins, which are often delivered with dents all over them.


The Kros only weighs 85 kg and can be moved around using a simple hand truck.


When moving several Kros units, the use of a forklift truck is, of course, advisable. To facilitate such handling further, the Kros comes with pallet grooves, making it even easier to move.



Emptying / Cleaning


Emptying and cleaning the Kros is not only extremely easy, it is also very economical.  Any sanitary facility rental firm or sewer cleaning company can use their existing vacuum truck(s) to empty the Kros. Seeing as the Kros, contrary to regular (chemical) toilet cabins, only contains urine, emptying is a piece of cake.


The driver will only need to put on gloves, remove the stench trap from the Kros and slide the vacuum hose in the same hole. The vacuum pump will do the rest. In the meantime, the driver can use his high pressure cleaner to clean the exterior of the Kros. Thanks to the Kros’s smooth surface, dirt and possible graffiti will not stick easily. Cleaning will therefore be a very straightforward chore.



Pickup / Loading


The Kros is equally easy to pick up as it is to deliver. After cleaning the Kros, it can be loaded for return shipment using a hand truck or forklift.


And the fitted hoisting ring offers the option of loading and unloading the (empty) Kros, by use of a suitable crane.




Connecting the Kros Pump System


The Kros Pump System (KPS) was devised to facilitate intensive use of the Kros.


The Kros is easy to empty using a vacuum truck. But when this is not the most efficient option, because there is a fixed sewer connection nearby, there is also the option of using a pipe to connect the Kros to a drain that can discharge all urine directly to the sewer, giving the Kros a more permanent character. This option is often used at large building sites or festivals.


Patent7000 can offer the KPS if the Kros is to be subjected to very intensive use. Prefabricated parts can be used to interlink Kros units or connect them to the sewer or an external septic tank by using a pump. This system has been subjected to extensive and intensive testing by several of our clients and was found to work flawlessly. The system creates a low level of under-pressure in all connected Kros units, so that all urine is pumped away instantly. Kros toilets will therefore never fill up and possible stenches will be averted.







 Please contact us to enquire about the different options and take advantage of the ample knowledge Patent7000 possesses in this area. You will be raising your service level and your customers will highly appreciate it!