Company information


Patent7000 was founded in the late 1980’s by Joost Carlier with the aim of developing and selling products that make an effective contribution to improving public events. This resulted in the development of the Kros Mobile Urinal Unit in the early ‘nineties.??


The Kros is now the best and most widely used urinal at outdoor events. It has been awarded the "iF Seal for Good Industrial Design", an important, internationally recognized German award for industrial design. What is more, out of about 300 co-winners, the Kros was judged as one of the 10 best designs.


Patent7000 has been raising its profile by presenting itself at international trade fairs for the mobile sanitation sector in recent years. These trade fairs gave event organisers, local authority representatives, public sector institutions and sanitary facility rental firms the opportunity to see the Kros with their own eyes and take stock of its features.


Increasing numbers of requests for different accessories for the Kros have led Patent7000 to extend its product range. One new item in the range is a special pump, which was launched in 2008, that enables the permanent emptying of a series of interlinked Kros urinals to maximise capacity during peak usage times.


Customers who are looking for a greater level of privacy will also find what they need at Patent7000. Alongside existing door sets, which are simply attached to the Kros, Patent7000 now also offers a set of larger doors that offer greater privacy. These large doors also offer the benefit of greater advertising space, as their large surface is the ideal place for the rental firm logo or other possible advertising.


Patent7000 has also been manufacturing the Kros in Brazil to be able to market the Kros better in South America since 2009.


 This will soon be followed by a new production site in South Africa. More regarding the aforementioned will follow soon.